Islamic Curriculum

Islamic Curriculum

Moral and Islamic values
Hands-on Montessori’s primary objective is the infusion of Islamic and moral values in the school curriculum. The first supreme source of both values is the Holy Quran, while the second source is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Our major goal is to instill the deep love of Allah and His Prophet (SAW) in the child by providing him with Islamic values and teaching them to apply Islamic principles based on the Quran and Sunnah in their daily lives. The entire school setting fully adapts Islamic and moral values, providing the prepared environment for a child to be a true Muslim.
Islamic curriculum involves following 
Qaida time
Qaida Time for one hour is scheduled daily in which children learn the sabaq of ‘’Norani Qaida’’. During this time children memorize duaas & perform practical activities for the enhancement of Islamic knowledge.
We have prepared our school environment in such a way that children are accustomed to read duaas before starting their work. Such as before lunch time they first read duaa before meals then have their lunch, at the end they also read duaa which is meant to read after meals. 
Aside from these daily routine duaas, they are being taught duaas of daily use like ‘’duaa before going and after coming from washroom, duaa after drinking milk, duaa before sleeping and after waking up in the morning, duaa after leaving and before entering home’’ etc.
We have also added stories of prophets, Quranic stories and stories from the life of companions of RASOOL (SAW) in our Islamic curriculum that enrich children with moral lessons.
Asma-ul-Husna (99 names of Allah) are memorized by the children and they are also encouraged to learn them at home. In order to develop deep love of ALLAH (SWT) and engage children’s heart by illuminating the richness of Islamic spirituality in them, teacher attempts to describe every name of ALLAH in detail with examples from daily life. She provides children with thorough description such as Ar Rehman (Endlessly Compassionate) what is the meaning of this name? How is He Ar-Rehman? Further this description is accompanied by different activities which include visual and physical aids such as coloring the names, Nature Walk (after giving the name Al-Khalik), different arts and crafts activities.
Moral manners 
Moral manners in daily life are also our priority such as use of appropriate good words while communicating to others. Respecting and initiating conversation by saying salaam.  How to behave appropriately in specific situations? How to stand in a queue? How to wait for their turn? Our teachers make it appropriate as much as they can.
Physical manners 
Etiquettes such as how to eat and drink, how to sit and walk and sleeping manners are also being taught in our environment repeatedly. 

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